Various types of content are posted on social media daily

Various types of content are posted on social media daily, which are interacted with by either commenting or reacting via different emotions.

Some types of posts on social media that catch our attention immediately include infographics, memes, videos, polls, articles and photos, among others.

– Types of posts on social media that easily go viral

Types of posts on social media that catch our attention right away include infographics, memes, videos, polls, articles and photos.

Infographics: These are visuals in the form of data which make it easier for people to understand and share them easily. Infographics use images in place of words to show information. Some popular types of infographics include listicles and step-by-step guides or tutorials. These infographics can be shared like regular content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with the addition of a link back to its creator. This allows others who find it interesting enough to want more information about the topic; thus generating benefits for both parties involved in this exchange. You can also create your own infographics or graphic designs through the help of one of the many tools now available online.

Video content is known to have the most engagement among all social media types. Videos are also highly preferred by people since they can see, hear and even feel it. Types of videos that go viral on social media include tutorials, how-to guides, product reviews, behind-the scenes footage and more. It is best advised to post videos regularly with various kinds of content.

Polls are potentially another effective form of content for increasing likes or shares on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter . To maximize its potential for going viral, you must ask questions that are open-ended with just a few possible answers for respondents to choose from per question. This means not asking questions like “Which do you like better?” or “Which is your favorite?” but instead asking questions such as, “What do you think of this color combination?” Videos and polls are the most likely to compel people to like them and share them with others.

While articles such as blog posts take more time (and effort) to go viral than the previously mentioned types of content, they still have a good chance if presented in an interesting enough manner that makes readers want to read it through and not skip ahead. However, in case an article has been shared by its original source before going viral on social media, there would be no need for it to be posted in its entirety again. Types of articles that go viral include how-to guides, book reviews, lists, opinions and more.

Creating images is another way to go viral on social media. Types of images that go viral include memes, reaction images, comics or animated GIFs that convey a message through short captions or dialogue bubbles. These images typically express emotions in line with specific events. Types of images that are shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for free are those posted by the original creator without any copyright restrictions against sharing them later. This means you can create your own shareable images to post on social media without having to buy copyrighted ones from the internet first.

It is important to remember that you must remain active on your chosen social media platforms despite which types of posts you want to make viral because once a post.

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